Marketing With Balloons

Gulf Coast Fudge Company


Gulf Coast Fudge Company has amazing hand made fugde, as well as other candies and delicious Amish ice cream. 

The ice cream cone is about 6' tall.

The Looke Champagne Boutique


Stacy & Muffy's logo for The Looke Champagne Boutique is an anchor, fitting for  their classic nautical styles.  

The Looke's anchor is about 5' tall,

Eva By The Sea


Robyn at Eva By The Sea has amazing cool & funky fashions. A unique dress was chosen for her Shop Small Saturday. 

The mannequin wearing our dress is life size. 

Window Decorating


Window decorating is a favorite attention grabber !   Love is in the air for  Valentine's Day.  This sculpture lasted almost 3 weeks being inside. This fun heart is about 4 1/5 ft wide & almost 5  foot tall. 

She Sells Shoes


What better sculpture than a high heel  for a shoe store ? We were happy to create this one.

The giant shoe is about 6' tall at the heel.

Wild Hearts


Crazy Love Balloon Sculpture 

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